Cathedral of Light, aerial view. Oakland, CA.


Jed Kohnen, Drone Pilot.

I have a passion for all things that fly and I bring this dedication to all of my work. For many years I have attached cameras to anything that I could think of: drones, motorcycles, and people, pretty much anything that moves. I love to be at the forefront of technology as a technical builder of aircraft and drones. I avidly follow the uses of cameras and image stabilizing technology. For the past 12 years I have been working professionally as a drone pilot and UAV developer/builder. Most recently, I have been working with a local company developing the systems for large area mapping and smart autonomous aircraft. Putting all of these skills together gives me a greater understanding of what it takes to both create stunning images and remain safe while flying the aircraft.

My company offers a full range of high-quality aerial photography and aerial videography services in the greater Bay Area and Northern California. We specialize in the more complex aspects of custom 2D & 3D mapping, search and rescue, and agricultural mapping. We also offer technical services in construction, property inspection & real estate aerial photography, video editing and indie film. We also love aerial photography and collaborative artistic projects.

We listen carefully to your needs and specifications and have a customized and systematic approach to each project. Flying in and around the city is not an issue. We have a safe and proven methodology, provide the required Visual Observer staff, and are fully insured.

I am a licensed & insured drone pilot (Part 107 exemption holder) and a veteran professional RC pilot with 35+ years experience. I fly, build, and develop prototype standard fixed wing & multirotor (drone) aircraft models of all shapes and sizes as well as some full-scale subjects. In addition to drone piloting, and training other pilots, my professional experience is in autonomous UAV prototype development & testing, specifically for aerial videography and photography. I do what I love and I bring my enthusiasm to every project.

I am interested to hear about your project. Please feel free to look through my portfolio and contact me here.

-Jed Kohnen

Aerial Perfectionist
Drone Pilot, licensed & insured (Part 107 exemption holder.)
Veteran RC pilot, 35+ yrs experience developing, building and flying fixed wing, multirotors & hybrid unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for aerial photography & videography.

We listen carefully to your needs and specification and have a customized and systematic approach to each project.


Greater Bay Area & Northern California.
Other locations by request.

Hybrid UAV created by Jed Kohnen
This is a hybrid UAV I created & tested for some very specific purposes.
Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science top deck. Berkeley, CA
Oblique view of Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science top deck.
Construction (Overhead of the park in Emeryville)
Overhead photo of construction and park in Emeryville, CA.
Street delineation for urban planning.
Street delineation for city planning.
Agricultural loops.
Agricultural loops.
Cathedral of Light, Oakland, CA.
Cathedral of Light, aerial view for marketing materials. This view represents the eye of God. Oakland, CA, near Lake Merritt.
(c) Jed Kohnen
Mission Creek Park, in Mission Bay, San Francisco, CA.
Show venue
Have you seen a show at this venue? The view is different from above.
The view of downtown San Francisco, CA, from Aquatic Park.


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