Jed Kohnen, San Francisco Bay Area Aerial Photography & Aerial Videography. Construction, Inspection & Real Estate.

Construction Inspection Aerial Photography

Document the progress of your construction project and inspect from above.

We provide high quality and time-efficient aerial photography and aerial video services. With many years of experience in the industry, we have a set template for construction, demolition and inspections. This creates a very approachable starting point. We know how to safely and effectively work around cranes and construction equipment. You can see construction progress in real time and know exactly where all of your assets are in one photo.

For more information, send us your location address.  Please feel free to look through my portfolio and contact me here.

Construction (Overhead of the park in Emeryville)
Overhead photo of construction and park in Emeryville, CA.
Street delineation for urban planning.
Street delineation for city planning.
Aerial inspection. Overhead shot of fire damage in Oakland, CA.
Aerial inspection. Overhead shot of fire damage in Oakland, CA.
Documentation of required demolition process over several weeks. Emeryville, CA.


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